Credit Guarantee Fund


Message of the General Manager

KGF Genel Müdürü İsmet Gergerli

Our reason of being as KGF is to make our enterprises to finance easier, and to help Turkey to grow and develop. With the most concrete expression, our main benefit is to be remedy of collateral problem of SMEs, and to be the “guarantee for the producing Turkey”.

We take on a considerable crucial task by eliminating of insufficient collateral as an obstacle to SME access to finance. We provide unique benefit to the national economy by ensuring the credit market to work efficiently and allowing SMEs to use long-term investment credits.

The support contributed to enterprises by the SME serves the results of improving the income distribution and increasing the employment. These results directly tally with principal targets of our country in its path of development and grow. In other words, with its mission KGF is not only a strategic company for SMEs but also for the economy of Turkey.

In our opinion, the growth means growth and development of competitive powers of SMEs, industries and territories we support. It also means incremental increase of total support we provide to companies, which is active in our economy and promising though it is considerably weak for today. It means increase of the share of SME within the total credits. It means to find opportunities for new financing from domestic and foreign resources, and to increase our contribution within the economy much more than yesterday.

We strategically focus on not only to survive the SMEs but also to maintain their existence and effects as being more competitive enterprises.

As a main approach, we also have a work plan which supports the innovative enterprises and gives priority them to grow, increase their productions and obtain competitive advantage. The main reason that we give importance and priority to support the enterprises focused in innovation area is to serve Turkey to grow much healthily, enrich the export items, and to provide new employment opportunities with high added value.

KGF proceeds on its way as an independent private company where all the important agencies in the world of economy and finance associate. And KGF deserves to be the accredited collateral fund of real sector, due to all these benefits.

KGF who has achieved important successes until today will incrementally increase its successes from now on and continue to set a higher service quality standard ever.

We will continue to be the “Collateral of Progressing Turkey” with the help of support we take from our customers, shareholder, employees and business partners. And we will sit tight on our way of working so as to strengthen the competitiveness of our economy and companies.

İsmet Gergerli
General Manager