Credit Guarantee Fund


Bank Credits

Young Entrepreneurs

Product Description

KGF shall provide guarantee for the credits to be made available to enterprises which operate based on a business idea and have been in service for at most 2 years.

Resource for Guarantee

Treasury Undersecretary Funds

Related Financial Institutions / Corporations

KGF shareholder banks

Product Maturity

It is maximum 5 years.

The grace period is maximum 2 years.

Interests on the grace period shall be collected at the end of the grace period.

Guarantee Limit

Total guarantee limit per enterprise: TRY 85 thousand

Guarantee limit for a risk group: TRY 130 thousand

Maximum Guarantee Rate


Fees and Commissions

Application fee is TRY 100. Besides, the guarantee commission is collected based on the guarantee amount of KGF in advance during the credit extension for the first year, and at rate of 0.3% in advance based on guarantee risk for ever year in the consecutive years.

In case the credit extended to beneficiary is one of the credits either bank overdraft/revolving, direct debiting system or corporate finance support to be provided with current account of the participation banks, the guarantee commission shall be collected at rate of 0.3% in advance based on the guarantee limit of KGF for each year.

Application Conditions

  • The beneficiary is to be a real or legal entity enterprise with qualification of SME,
  • Young Enterprise is to be real entity enterprise between age of 18 and 30, or legal entity enterprise belonging to the young people of which 50% of total shares is in the range of the said age limit,
  • As of the application date of beneficiary is less than 2 years in accordance with the establishment date of its activity period,
  • The beneficiary graduated from elementary school at least.

Applications are conducted by means of banks through internet on the address of